Friends sometimes ask, “Don’t you want to rent a commercial spa space and ramp up your business?” NO. Absolutely no. And here’s why:

I lived in Bali on and off across the years. It is a village culture where life –and business–centers around the home compound.  That means that you turn to your host/landlord with questions like “I want to visit such-and-such town,” and they say “Oh! My cousin will drive you. My sister’s bungelow you can rent. Her daughter will be your cook.” Done!  They are a bit perplexed by Westerners turning to websites and companies to find services. Business is a family affair. Numerous times I stepped around a napping person to pick up my laundry. Bali’s famous ease and friendliness is everywhere.


And when you go to a balian–a traditional healer–you go to their family compound. Because that is their power center. Healers do their work in their home temple, designed on the similar principles as temple compounds. That is where all the generations have juiced up the land.

I worked for many years in beautiful spas in San Francisco with wonderful colleagues. But the treatment rooms always felt energetically sterile to me. Now, my massage studio is well-seasoned with good juju. I know exactly what has transpired in sessions in the room.  Many people sigh and relax the moment they step through the door. That’s not accidental. No matter how elegant and convenient, a commerical space simply will not have that safe, nourishing “aaahhhh” to it.

For you cooks out there, think of your favorite cast iron pan and how you love to get it properly seasoned. And how much you hate it when someone else uses it and ruins your seasoning. That’s how my home-based massage studio feels to me.

Yes, there are drawbacks to having my studio in a residential building. Parking and cat allergies amongst them. (Rupert and Bruce apologize and try to stay out of the massage room, even though they really like the feel in there too). For those who feel a warm welcome as you walk in, my space is for you. I’m delighted to have you in my home studio.