“It’s not really massage.”

I do quite a bit of corporate chair massage. Frequently people, including other therapists, imply that this isn’t real bodywork, nothing significant occurs in that format. Ok, sure — chair massage is quite different than a luscious 90 minute session in my peaceful, magical studio. But let me ask you this: Doctors Without Borders — is their work “not really medicine”?

I am Bodyworker Without Borders — I go where the need is greatest.

Carving out time evening or weekends is really challenging for most of us in the Bay Area — best friends can barely find time for coffee. So I go to the front lines, into The Work Place. I love getting my hands on professionals in the midst of a work-day melt down. Plus the massage chair’s design let’s me target neck, shoulder, and carpal tunnel/RSS tension, which is exactly what computer work creates.

A spa owner in Bali once sniffed “You can’t accomplish anything in less than 90 minutes.” A voice in my head spit back, “Give me 2 minutes and I’ll show you God.” I laughed. Needless to say, we didn’t work together. But my office workers know the truth. In fact, people often drop quickly into deep, focused relaxation when they only have 15-minutes, whereas a 90-minute session can give the mind time to bounce around and fret about task lists.

Human Resource directors note that on-site chair massage reduces workers comp claims, increases cooperation and team-work, and improves office moral. It is also a tax-deductible employee benefit. Staying healthy and happy at work is important, and I’m always gratified to deliver that, on the front lines.