Mary, Psychotherapist

As a Psycho-therapist who specializes in trauma, I think Diane's work is a nice compliment to the trauma work I do with clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking deep healing on a cellular level, AND her hands just feels amazing!!!"


"Getting a message from Diane is like getting a whole body re-juvination!! Diane really embodies a mind body approach. She has a wealth of knowledge about the muscle and skeletal systems, but she also understands how the nervous system and your emotional body are intertwined. The healing quality extends beyond the physical body, and she knows how to help heal emotional and traumatic pain that is stored in the body.


Diane is trained in a variety of modalities and she is always seeking new ways to work and taking classes to expand, refine and keep current her skills and talents.



Cary, Yoga Teacher & Shamanic Therapist

"OMG! Her massages and body work are truly divine! I am quite picky when it comes to massages. Diane seems to be quite attentive and knows how to hit all of the right spots. The one thing I love about her too, is that she offers more than just massage and can give you exactly what you need. She's helped me to unwind, release and let go of withheld trauma in my body. Not everyone can do that. She is definitely a gifted healer/body worker."



"Diane was amazing. She was clearly very knowledgeable, and had several suggestions for me related to sports medicine. I'm a runner who's been having trouble with my IT band and an imbalance affecting my hips and legs, and she gave me some great advice for how I can try to work on that. She was very welcoming, professional, kind, and made me feel completely at ease. Her bodywork was wonderful, and left me feeling much improved. I would definitely return to her in a heartbeat."


Kate, Veterans Rights Attorney

"Dianne is amazing - great technique, welcoming, professional, attentive, holistic approach to massage and bodywork. Her space is also extremely warm and inviting. Highly recommended and will be going to Dianne regularly from here on out!"

Jennifer, Writer

"I have seen Diane three times now, once when I had a terrible neck and shoulder pain after a week of sleeping funny. Diane not only listens carefully to your comments and 'translates' them to the most wonderful, healing massage for your body and state of mind. "I'm still getting over a cold" translates to her using specific reflexology pressure points related to your immune system -- not because I asked her for this, but because she is so knowledgeable and intuits what

Amber, mom-to-be

"It never occurred to me that pregnancy could be pain-free. Thanks to a friend sending me to Diane, I was comfortable and happy during my entire pregnancy."

Rebecca, Bodyworker

"As a former bodyworker (10 years experience), I know good work from mediocre, and Diane's is superb! Her experienced, intuitive touch was just what I was looking for in a therapist. She was able to rid me of a headache that had plagued me for several days - her work is highly recommended! Plus she's punctual and reliable, which can be hard to find in a bodyworker."

Krista, Tech recruiter

"Diane is hands-down one of the best massage therapists I've experienced. She is very knowledgeable of a variety of therapies and incorporates what is best for my situation. She's not a one-size fits all kind of person and it's the customization that seems to have the greatest impact on my well-being. I recently moved 25 miles from Oakland and will continue to still see Diane when I'm in the area. She's that good!"

Claire, Philanthropy Director

"As I write this review, I am 600 miles away from her magical hands I miss her intuitive and healing touch. I miss that in one session, I would always feel noticeably better and whatever she did would start the road to recovery. Having moved away and tried several other therapist, I can honestly say that no has compared."


"Diane is wonderful working with bodies that have special needs. She has supported me during and after a twin pregnancy and through various stages of rheumatoid arthritis. I would strongly recommend her for prenatal, postpartum, therapeutic, and generally super relaxing and supportive massage. Great communicator. Authentic and caring individual. Talented bodyworker. Always professional."


"I got a massage last night from Diane and it was absolutely the best massage I've had in the Bay Area. She has strong hands and uses several areas of expertise (cranial, Feldenkrais, deep tissue, sports) along with a deeply intuitive understanding of what ails ya! I love her place too, like an oasis of peace. If I could give her six stars I'd give her eight. LOL She's great. I wholeheartedly recommend her services."

Francesca, Qigong Teacher

"For over 10 years Diane has been my #1 bodyworker. As a Qigong teacher, I know the difference between real healing vs. just feel-good massage. Diane has gotten me walking again from severe knee and hip injuries. She also keeps these 70-year old shoulders swimming happily. She has recently introduced me to craniosacral work, and I'm hooked. Such profound healing! I have visions every session.

Her broad skill set -- deep tissue, craniosacral, Thai massage, Feldenkrais movement -- means she can always help in exactly the way I need. And she can move Qi like a pro!"

Barbara, Engineer

"I've had the pleasure of enjoying Diane's talents for over 10 years. She has an understanding of bodies that few body workers possess - a formal scientific understanding and an intuition that helps her tap into what you really need. Her breadth of skills means we can go from passive stretching and mobility to body awareness with her Feldenkrais training to simple calming stress relief. I'm currently in love with her cranio-sacral work - helps fix those little aches and pains in my head and neck that add up from sitting at a desk all day. Not only is she truly talented, its easy to talk to her about what's ailing me- sometimes its an injury, sometimes its just plain stress-I always come away feeling better....writing this review makes me want to book another session."


"I was looking for a last minute massage appointment (in Oakland while my son was at camp) hoping it would lessen the headache I've had for the past couple of days. After reading the reviews here, I called Diane and was thrilled that she had an afternoon opening. She was lovely on the phone and put me at ease. She works out of a dedicated room in her home and it is a very comfortable space, well appointed and soothing. (And really, really clean!) Now for the best part - the massage! Diane is an extremely talented healer. Really, among the best I've ever visited. Her skilled hands found knots I didn't even realize I had. She explained things when I asked questions, and was very informative without being distracting. A perfect combination! I will happily make the trek to Oakland just to see her again!"

Edward, Motorcycle Mechanic

I can vouch for Diane’s great work on my jujitsu-injured neck and shoulder. Magic!

Samuel, Poet

“Wow. That was honestly transformative. My attitude about everything in my life has been better since my visit.”


"Diane is the embodiment of calm and so is her massage room so it always feels like a place away from the world to go see her."

Annie, College Counselor

“I suffer from migraines and on many occasions Diane has helped ease and prolonged the ease of my migraines. She is an amazing massage therapist!”


"This was my first time getting a massage, I have been apprehensive about gettting one but Diane made me feel very comfortable and it was so relaxing, I almost feel asleep on the table!"

Bryndl, Holistic Esthetician

“If you are lucky enough to cross paths with this amazing healer consider yourself living a blessed life. Her raw skill, intuitive awareness and vibrant transformative presence is a rare find in the flood of body workers and pseudo healers of everyday life.”

Kitty, Fine Artist

I broke my ankle in three places and Diane Gibbs has helped me enormously for these past three months!”

Kiva, Bodyworker

Amazing!!! Diane is intuitive, gentle yet powerful, listens to your needs and delivers a magical and accurate healing bodywork session. Thank you endlessly!

Rikke, Writer

“Knowledgeable, intuitive, and creative about her approach. In addition to perfect technique, she has an uncanny ability to “read” the body and get at everything that is or could become a problem.”