5% of Every Bodywork session donates to Inclusion for All

I have set up monthly recurring donations to organizations working for the health and well-being of us all.  Typically my giving pattern is one-offs during crisis times. This is the first I’ve decided to commit financially to the long-haul for equality and safety for everyone:

These donations occur even if I don’t see you. But when we do work together, rest assured about 5% of your check flows to these front-line organizations. If you have suggestions or questions, please do reach out to me.


You Belong
كنت تنتمي   Perteneces     你属于     Bạn thuộc

A personal and professional proclamation

The Following Humans Are Welcome at My Business:

  • ALL races
  • ALL spiritual practices
  • ALL nationalities and ancestries
  • ALL genders, identities, and orientations
  • Anyone with a body that hurts, gets tired, and feels joy